Hi, I'm Janet, and I'm so glad that you are here. 

Welcome to my blog, Solo Wanderer; a space filled with adventures and stories of my travels. I like to travel a lot, and usually alone also, that way I can do whatever I want without compromising.


Like many people out there, I was taught that you had to go to college/university, find a career, get a job, get married, and have kids. However, I do not believe that achieving those things will lead to a happy and successful life. Back in 2017 when I graduated high school I took some time off to go on my very first backpacking trip in Southeast Asia. I ended up being away for about 2 months and traveled through Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. That trip has allowed me to experience for the first time how awesome and powerful it is to travel solo.

Since going on that adventure I have fallen in love with traveling and gotten myself a van to make traveling in North America easier. I am sharing my personal experiences and tips on this website to document my journey and to help others who are interested in traveling solo and those who are interested in traveling in a van. 


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