On October 19, 2019, I bought a 2001 GMC Safari Cargo van for $5,000 CAD. I bought the van with the goal to travel to every national park in the United States of America while living in the van. At first I planned to buy a use van and convert it on my own. However while searching for a van on craigslist and Facebook market place I came upon a van that I felt was perfect for me and it happened to be already converted. It was within my budget as well (I paid for the van myself with the money I saved up from my part-time job) and had fairly low km's considering how old the van is. 

The people I bought the van from already did a lot of work to it. It came fully insulated, and with a custom made bed frame. There were plenty of storage space already under the bed and had lights installed inside. The van also came with a solar panel installed to the roof and a custom made roof rack for extra storage. Even though the van already came with so much done to it already, there were still a few extra little things that I needed to do to it before heading on my first adventure in it. Overall, in total it costed about $6,000 CAD for the van conversion. 

I had the van for over a month getting it all ready before heading on my first adventure in it. I went on my first adventure in my van on December 3rd, 2019. 

My favourite sleeping spot so far.jpe


What the van built included

  • NOMA 100W Solar Panel Kit

  • MotoMaster Nautilus Group 27 Deep Cycle Battery  ​

  • Fan-Tastic Vent 1250 Series 



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