Arriving in Death Valley National Park

Updated: Mar 27

I started my van life journey in December of 2019, I left on December 3rd for 2 weeks while I was off school for winter break. Driving down from Coquitlam in British Columbia in Canada took me 2 days to finally arrive in Death Valley. The drive was easy but long and in winter there is a lot of snow and was quite foggy at times. But as I was getting closer to Death Valley I became even more excited about this van life journey that I was on. I choose to visit Death Valley in the winter because I wanted to do a lot of hiking and I heard that in the other seasons it is way too hot to hike.

I arrived in Death Valley National Park by going through the small town of Beatty. I recommend filling up your gas tank full here before entering the park. Beatty is a very cool town with old antique things to see. Fill up here as gas prices is much cheaper than in the park, and the park is huge so expect to be driving a lot. At the entrance to Death Valley National Park I stopped to take a photo in front of the welcome sign as I plan to do for every National Park that I visit.

The road to Death Valley National Park is well paved and getting to the entrance is well marked so there is no need to worry about going the wrong way. It was also not busy at all in December so if you want to avoid crowds than go in winter. The weather is about 20 degree Celsius, so it is not too hot or cold. It is sunny so if you got solar panels than you are in luck like I was. When you arrive into the park they have areas where you can pay the entrance fee through a machine or you can go to the visitor centers and pay there. If you have an annual pass like I did than simply show it to the park rangers at the visitor centers, and they will give you a pass to put in your car to show that you have paid. I highly recommend visiting Death Valley National Park in the winter because the weather is just perfect for hiking, and there are no crowds.


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