Updated: Mar 27, 2020

During my time in Death Valley National Park, I spent two whole days of hiking the trails. I had such a fun time hiking through the rocks, canyons, and sand dunes. To help you figure out what hikes to do when visiting Death Valley National Park, this post will provide you details on some of my favorite hikes there.

  • Ubehebe and Little Hebe Crater Trail. This is a 2.2 mile loop trail that takes you around the whole Ubehebe Crater and also pass the Little Hebe Crater. The trail does get very busy, especially in the afternoon, so I highly suggest going early in the morning to avoid crowds. It is a easy trail and good for all levels of fitness. The trail is mostly for walking and hiking, with scenic views all around. Takes about 45 minutes to do the whole loop.

  • Badwater Basin Salt Flats Trail. This is about 1.8 mile long and is an out and back trail. It is a easy flat trail that is perfect for all levels, the beginning part of the trail is also wheelchair accessible. The trail is one of the busiest attractions in Death Valley so it is usually always very busy. The trail gives beautiful views of the salt formations. Takes about 30 minutes out and back.

  • Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes Trail. This is about 2.8 mile long and is an out and back trail. You are hiking on sand and sand dunes the whole time, so it can be a little more challenging to climb on. The trail is not marked as you can pretty much create your own path and walk as much as you want all through the sand dunes. It is a easy trail and the sand is very fine, if you wanted to you can even walk bare feet on it. It can get very busy and hot, so try heading there earlier if you can. Also a great place to take photos. The trail can be as short or long as you want, depending on how far out you decide to go.

  • Golden Canyon Trail. At the Golden Canyon trail head you can choose to do a short hike to the Red Cathedral formations which is 2.9 miles long out and back. Or do a longer loop hike and go through the Gower Gultch trail. Golden Canyon is a popular day hike area with well marked trails. You get to hike through golden rock formations and canyons. Some parts are more difficult than others, as there are areas where you have to scramble over rocks. But the views at the top is worth it!

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