Vanlife Playlist

Updated: Feb 24

Every road trip and long drives should have a good playlist. A mixture of the top hits, motivation, songs that inspire us, songs that make us cry, uplifting, rock, and anything else that can make it the most perfect trip. I am a huge fan of making playlists for all occasions such as road trips, traveling, parties, working out, and chilling. When I started living the van life I knew I needed to make a playlist for the epic adventure.

I created "Solo Road Trip" that have songs that I been listening to a lot throughout the past year while living in the van. It includes songs that I have found through the radio, commercials, movies, and recommendations from people. It's a mixture of different styles of music, which i'm excited to share with you.

When I get in my van to hit the road onto the next destination with the sun out, I hit the play bottom on my playlist and the songs come on, it is just perfect and the adventure begins.

Follow along on Spotify- Solo Road Trip - A Vanlife Playlist



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